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I am leaving the barge. Anyone who wishes to talk to me regarding this can see me in my cabin.

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[Castiel is in the art room. That's a little strange. Mostly because, you know, the art room is gone. But he is definitely in it! He pans the camera around for a while, then to a small, dark hole in the wall, where a tile as been moved out of place.]

My original thought was the Admiral was behind this, but it had been re-educated in some manner. Perhaps it was actively being controlled, perhaps blackmailed or ordered by some higher power or twisted into thinking in a manner different than how it usually goes about it's business.

But I'm no longer sure that's the case. The workmanship is shoddy. There was a loose tile in the hallway on floor one that lead me here. This place still exists. The other missing rooms must exist as well, in some plane or dimension. The barge is either falling apart or under stress, or both.

Or the real Admiral is trying to help us.

Though, please keep in mind that climbing into a dark hole that you don't know the ending is extremely dangerous, especially in our current circumstances.
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[Here is an angel on the deck. He has an awful case of bedhead, of which he doesn't seem to have noticed he has yet. He also looks a little confused.]

How long have these changes been in effect?

FILTERED TO: friends; wardens; lisbeth; the admiral )
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It's more than likely that I am capable of healing this illness. If you are not harmed by divine magic, please call me if you feel ill.


Check in.


Castiel is doing floor checks - some with Dean, some without - and anyone he comes across may or may not be stuffed with divine magic until they look okay. He can be found around the barge.]
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That was strange. Usually such circumstances start floods, though I sense nothing wrong. Can any of the engineering individuals confirm there are no serious mechanical flaws that can be seen at this time?


I'd like to speak to you at your earliest convenience. I have a favor of some importance I would like to ask of you.


I did not write these guidelines but found them to be clear and concise. If you would like to change the nature of our relationship, or find anything about my wardenship unfair or my treatment of you unworthy, I urge you to make this known to me and any other wardens you desire to tell.

In the context of the barge, I am a civil servant hired to be your personal representative for your time here. I know that regardless of your crimes, you didn't go to trial, were convicted in absentia, and understand that your circumstances were extremely unpleasant. I understand fully the reasons and actions of why you have done what you did in many cases.

My duties to you, as your warden, are as follows:
• to provide you with protection against hostilities from other inmates and wardens;
• to protect other inmates and wardens from any damage you may intentionally or unintentionally inflict;
• to provide you with a constructive environment so long as it doesn't violate the personal welfare of yourself or others;
• to ensure that you have life skills to sustain yourself after graduation;
• to generally be observant of your physical and mental well-being;
• to act as a representative when addressing other wardens and the Admiral concerning your health, safety, comfort, and productivity;
• to judge your actions fairly administer punishment as it is deserved and not in excess of your actions.

I feel I should tell you now that, while I am an angel and a servant of the Heavenly Father, I will not proselytize His words or attempt to convert you, nor do I imagine that will be a requirement of your graduation. However, I request that if you do not openly blaspheme His name in my presence. Keep in mind, additionally, that in circumstances where I am sensible and able - possibly excluding many floods or ports - I will never lie to you.

Also, if you would prefer me to call you Wasp, I'm more than capable of doing so.
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While the cafeteria is closed, there is a large selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and honey available for consumption in the greenhouse. For anyone currently ill, I can deliver to rooms or the infirmary at your request.


[Castiel is making what are more-or-less fruit baskets in the greenhouse, if you choose to go up and get one.]
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[It's.... Castiel! And... he's on the deck!]

I've returned, per my Father's wishes. Hello.


I'll resume my duties in the greenhouse, with your permission. Presuming my extenuating circumstances don't forfeit a warden deal, I will meet you at your earliest convenience.
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[For once, Castiel is actually in his room. He's sitting on the bed. The wall behind him is scrawled with sigils (not counting the gentleman in the suit). He takes a deep breath, steadying himself.]]

It is my great honor to announce that Richie Gecko has graduated. He's returned to Mexico and will be waiting for his brother there.

I, too, will be departing soon. I owe my vessel his freedom, as I promised, and my friends in my universe may need my help. I can't say when I'll be departing, but it will be soon. Afterwards, I will no longer possess a physical form. If you need help or aid, you can call for me, however, and I will help you as much as I can. It make take me a few moments to locate you in the multiverse, but I will come.

I should be in the greenhouse if anyone would like to resolve any old conflicts with me.

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[The camera flicks on to reveal Castiel's jacket, too zoomed in - though eventually he pulls far enough away from the device that his whole body is in view. It must be on a ledge or floating or something, as he's obviously not holding it. He's in the garden, near a relatively large area of freshly turned earth and noticeably empty of the brightly-colored flowers surrounding it.]

[Curiously enough, he possesses not one but two halos: one, legitimately glowing upon his head, and two, a tinsel halo held up with headband. The glowing halo's on top. The weariness in his eyes the past few days is noticeably gone, and there's a kind of spring in his step.]

Although Jesus was not actually born on December 25 - rather that the day was adopted to ease conversion from pagan regions given that Saturnalia and Yule also fell around this date - any day to celebrate the Lord's blessings to his chosen people is a good one. However, I feel that we are missing a key element to any traditional Christmas celebration despite the obvious fact the Barge is not at all traditional. In light of our various dramas and celebrations, we should bring as much of our cultures with us as we can, at least the parts that suggest we be good to other people.

[This being said, he walks away from the device and draws sigil in the dirt with the tip of his finger. Then with one hand hovering above the dirt, he intones in harsh latin syllables that make thunder rumble from nowhere and no small amount of static to interrupt the transmission.]

[He finishes with a flourish, and then a full-grown and not-unimpressive pine tree spouts from the empty Earth. It's a good size for a Christmas tree, slightly taller than Castiel and looking rather healthy. The angel steps back, looking pleased with himself. When he touches the various newly-made pines, they glow with a soft light until the whole tree is sparkling in the barge snowfall.]

I am aware not all religions require a large evergreen conifer as part of their celebration, however, in my reading I was not sure if reference to a 'Hannukkah bush' was sarcastic or true.

GIFTS!! Private to the Admiral. Gifts are for: Richie, Dean, Aya, Leslie, Kay, Wanda, Lia, Buffy, Lua. )
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[The video opens with a burst of static. After a second, it lowers itself to vaguely tolerable white noise. The video is still entirely static, though Castiel's voice can be heard above the drone - low and pained, emotional where he's usually expressionless.]

You don't exist. Angels don't have souls. You are just an effect of this place is having on me. The strength of the magic to affect an angel...

[A pause. The static and white noise clears. The video reveals... fingers. He may have turned it on by accident. He fidgers with it, and now you can see his face! Which looks haggard and awful, by the way. He turns away from the camera, staring at something unseen. Every few seconds, his whole surroundings shift, like he's teleporting every others step. He keeps looking over his shoulder, checking for his pursues. Eventually he steps and stares back at them with haunted eyes.]

What I did to you....I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I....I was so dumb, and foolish, and stupid, choking on my own ego... I deserve to die. I deserve oblivion. I know! But I keep... I keep coming back. He wants me for something, don't you understand? How can I be expected to do something if you're still here?

[The video drops into white noise and static again. Castiel's voice sounds like a ragged pant. Even though video's gone, his voice is clear.]

That isn't true. That isn't the case and you know it. You know it. Father can't be wrong. He gave the planet to them. He loved them and they loved Him. And what they did, they did for love of Him. And what I did, I did for love of Him! To find Him, and to save them.....


You're wrong! I know you're wrong! I know it like I know He is there!

I know, I know....

[For a second, the video returns despite the loud static. Castiel looks focused, a cold kind of discipline in his eye. Then, the white noise becomes an unbearable whine before the transmission abruptly ends.]


[Castiel looks a little drunk - spending half his time staggering around and the other half taking long, flying steps. Occasionally, he looks over his shoulder and shouts things in a mixture of language - English, Aramaic, Enochian, Italian. What feels like static electricity is radiating off him. He's pacing around the hotel, never staying in one spot for long. Whenever he does see another creature, though, he looks like a deer in headlights.]

((OOC: Castiel broke his communicator, so he won't be able to reply to any communications for a while. Spam away!))
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I must admit that I rather enjoyed that flood, as strange as it may sound. The world seemed so much simpler. I suppose it takes maturity to understand the complexities of life, problems and resolutions. I apologize if I said anything offensive during that time, however.

Jesse, if you're still feeling ill or tied, I can probably be more assistance now than then.

Richie, did you still want your rabbit?


We wouldn't have found Him, you know.


Tell me why you wanted the greenhouse key.


I'm sorry about your mother.
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[Castiel is in the greenhouse. This should not be a surprise.]

I realize I haven't said anything in a while. This is probably not conducive to wardening. I apologize.

That being said, I'd like to point something out.

The first being that up until a certain point, all warden and inmate arrivals happened on certain dates and on a schedule. Some of them posted late, but it's my hunch that that group waited to mention their arrival. This no longer seems to be the case. Rather than a group arriving, people are arriving one by one. I don't know what or what reason this could be; perhaps it indicates the Admiral is in a hurry for something, though I don't know what. Or perhaps there was some kind of line or judging process in which it went through with the upcoming barge residents and while it was previously doing group reviews, that's no longer the case. Perhaps there was a quota it had to meet before granting access to the barge to any particular group that no longer applies. Or, maybe it's changed the process based on recommendation from superiors.

I also wonder about floods and breaches. I don't think these are accidental and if the Admiral wanted to stop the barge from experiencing them, it would be more than capable of doing so. However, I feel that it views floods and breaches - and ports, though these seem less false-accidental than the other two - as a way for us to experience different emotions and different circumstances. It uses floods as a vehicle for wardens and inmates alike to end up in places and situations where they would otherwise never be, being forced to make decisions they wouldn't otherwise have to make. In this way, it forces us to consider our deeper personalities. Whether this is coming to a conclusion about one being more like they thought or less, or realizing a certain font of their personality is stronger or weaker leads us to learn more about ourselves. This is not always an easy process. But it's a good process. Additionally, while the Admiral can drive the barge into floods and breaches, I don't believe he controls the inner workings of them - universes are how they are. And they can be modified to suit one's needs - but controlling a person's mind would probably teach them less than having this person come to a conclusion all on his or her own.

[He pauses for a moment, perhaps realizing he has gone on a lengthy ramble. He looks up a wall of vines and then back to the camera.]

As an unrelated note, I don't know what good this will do, but if anyone has any problems, listening is one of my best talents.
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This is a polite reminder that all weapons are to be placed aside upon entering the church. There are no exceptions to this rule.

On a brighter note, a good soul donated several loaves of bread and jam, so I will be outside at any time with it for the hungry.


[Castiel is outside. He is watering the colorful flowerbeds outside the church, one which looks to be recently patched up. A wicker basket holding above bread is resting on his arm.]
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[So, this is Castiel. The face is definitely Castiel's, at least. That expression - probably mostly aptly described as 'just woke up and what day is it?' - is not characteristic of the angel. Additionally, there's the fidgeting, the looking around, general confusion. He's a bit away from the barge, trying to get his bearings. Also, while the voice might sound a bit like Castiel's, it has new and exciting things like tone and inflection!]

How long ago did Shendu try to take over the barge, and where the hell is this?
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[This is Castiel, your local herbology professor + fairy. He's about two feet tall, with constantly fluttering wings so he can fly at your eye level. Also, he's in the greenhouse, which does seem to have sustained some damage from the earthquake.]

Hello. This is a notice that the greenhouse has taken some slight damage during the earthquake and some plants will need to be repotted or relocated. Any students interested in doing so may report to the greenhouse at any time within the next three days for extra credit and a bonus to their house.

That being said, doing this extra credit will not cancel out the assignment for 1000 words on the restorative properties of the illmerida leaf that is due tomorrow. I should be available in my office or can be found in the greenhouse all day today for anyone who requires extra help with this.

Additionally, although I would think this would be obvious, any student caught stealing from the greenhouse will face severe house penalties and potentially expulsion from both the class and the greenhouse. If you have taken several pieces of equipment from the shed, you are advised to replace them today while I'm not looking and no penalty will be handed out.


I'd like to see the result of the equipment you've borrowed recently; obviously, you're more capable than I originally thought.
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Although I do not fully comprehend this flood, there seem to be two related factors here that concern me:

A: That my vessel is currently functioning as a "true body," for me. I took off my coat today. I was hot. And I feel very heavy.

B: If this switch runs upon warden/inmate lines, Richie's body is currently functioning as a vessel. He will feel little or no pain from the attacks of normal mortals, nor will he feel a desire to eat, sleep, or void waste. He may be dangerous. Please take caution around him; he is not incapable of murder.
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Several beehives have been added to the greenhouse. The bees are the species Apis mellifera mellifera, or colloquially Black Irish Native or European dark bee. Please be advised that these creatures are not aggressive, but may sting if disturbed. If a bee comes near you, please simply allow it to pass without swatting at it. Do not kill the bees. If you are stung, please go to the infirmary, but also note that in the absence of an an allergy, the bee sting, while painful and itching, will cause no permanent harm. If you are aware of a bee allergy and are stung, please go to the infirmary immediately so that an anaphylactic reaction can be dulled or avoided.

The hives are not to be in any way disturbed without my explicit permission, and anyone caught doing without my notice so will be punished. This also applies to the other greenhouse staff.

The hives should produce some fresh honey - would the cafeteria be interested?


Additionally, several of the terrestrial and subterranean plants from Risa are in the process of being transplanted to their new homes in the greenhouse. These should be very closely monitored and any change or apparent distress from them should be brought to me immediately, as we learn more about their ideal environment.

Boxes will most likely be added to keep the subterranean species to more closely simulate their true environment.

[PRIVATES to: Toshiko, Kay, Richie, the Admiral] )
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Can you imagine what it must be like to be an ant?

Problems that humanity deals with would seem irrelevant - the warming of the planet and all it's related consequences, the population explosion and the subsequent issues, including overcrowding and famine, the expansion of information, and the overwhelming perseverance of human violence. But there would be other problems - like the catastrophe of the appearance of an anteater or another predator animal. There would be tasks like to gather food. And there would be nothing but the colony and the queen.

Now imagine if an ant were to become a human. How difficult it would be to grapple with basic bodily functions, and the variety of emotions and chemical responses each action and reaction brings. Even humans must learn to walk - can you imagine if an ant tried to learn to be bipedal? I imagine it would be a task more monumental than for a human to enter space.

It's difficult to think outside your boundaries, no matter what you start as. Difficult to understand something or someone on a scale dimensions different than yours.

This is how I feel the Admiral sees us.

[PRIVATE to Ivy]

How would you feel about beehives in the greenhouse? I think they would benefit the plants greatly.


Would you permit beehives to be added to the greenhouse?


I'm sorry that I killed you.
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This is an unusual amount of new arrivals. Welcome. My name is Castiel.


[Castiel is on the deck, as is essentially the usual. He's mulling around, considering and suchforth. Please do bother him at your leisure. He is reading the bible. ]


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